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Photos for student ID cards will be taken during the first week of school. ID cards are used for school identification, library book borrowing, boarding the bus and meal purchases. Cards should not be defaced in any way. Defacing a card includes mark-
ing the cards with pens, putting decorative stickers on the card, scratching it with an abrasive or sharp object, biting or bending/cracking the card. Defaced cards may be taken away, resulting in the student purchasing another card. Do not clean the card with strong solutions such as paint thinners or strong cleaning solvents. To do so will remove the protective coating and fade information on the card, including the barcode, which renders the card unusable. Replacement cards are available during school hours in the office conference room.
Students who need replacement cards should:
• Bring $5.00 for replacement of cards that have been lost, stolen, or defaced.
• Go to the office before school starts, during homeroom or at break.
• A new barcode number will be assigned and a new card issued. Any money remaining on your “closed” account will be moved to your new account.
• Where necessary, cards will be punched indicating payment for bus, student dues, etc.
(DOE Policies & Regulations C & I Series 2000)
The Student Activities Program shall be planned to serve the personal, social, and edu- cational needs and interests of all students. Varying types of activities and an adequate number of each shall be planned so that every student will have the opportunity to benefit.
The Department of Education recognizes that, even with state resource support, some financial burden will be placed on students and parents for the activities of the Student Activities Program. The maximum allowable charge shall be established by the Board of Education. Student association and class dues shall be mandatory.
The following are mandatory fees for the school year: Student Activities Dues $6.00
Class Dues $5.00 Parent Mailings $4.00
Total Amount $15.00 * Fees subject to change
*Student Activities and Class Dues are used for various types of school-wide and grade level activities; i.e., activity days, special events, etc.

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