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Wheeler Middle School
is a 2021 National Blue Ribbon School
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Wheeler Middle School is located on 11 acres of State property within Wheeler Army Air Field in the midst of the Koolau and Waianae Mountains.

Our school has three two-story buildings, with facilities for music, art, science, industrial arts, and physical education.

The faculty is dedicated to meeting the needs of our students through middle school components. They strive to provide an exemplary education for our 6th through 8th graders.

Our school has been accredited for a period of 6 years (2016-2022) by the Western Association of Schools & Colleges. The Wheeler Middle School faculty and staff hope that all middle level learners will enjoy their time of exploration and learning.

Major Sheldon Wheeler Middle School is part of the Leilehua Complex.
The schools in the Leilehua Complex are:

Daniel K. Elementary School (on Schofield Barracks)
Helemano Elementary School (in Wahiawa town)
Iliahi Elementary School (in Wahiawa town)
Solomon Elementary School (on Schofield Barracks)
Wahiawa Elementary School (in Wahiawa town)

Wahiawa Middle School (in Wahiawa town)
Wheeler Middle School (on Wheeler Army Air Field)

Leilehua High School (in Wahiawa town)

From the Waianae to the Koolau Mountains
Stands A School With Rightful Pride
Where We Strive For Truth and Beauty
In Everything We Try;

Hail! Mighty Spartans
With Banners Blue and White
All Hail! to Wheeler
All Hail! Hail! Hail!

To Ensure the Success of Every Student

Wheeler Middle School is a community where students:
• meet high expectations
• are life long learners
• make responsible decisions and healthy choices
• practice good citizenship

Academic & Financial Plan
Strive HI Report

Flag:  US
Flag:  Hawaii

• February 1922
Construction work began on a new airfield in Hawaii, located at Schofield Barracks on the island of Oahu.
It was named Wheeler Field on 11 November 1922 in honor of Major Sheldon H. Wheeler, former commander of Luke Field on Ford Island, who died in a plane crash on 13 July 1921.

• August 31, 1939
Wheeler Field became a separate permanent military post. By that time it had developed into a large and productive air base where constant training was conducted for combat units stationed there.

Wheeler was the site of several major historic aviation events, including:
• the first nonstop Mainland-to-Hawaii flight by Army Air Corps Lieutenants Lester J. Maitland and Albert F. Hegenberger in 1927
• the Great Dole Derby air race from California to Hawaii, also in 1927
• the first trans-Pacific flight from the United States to Australia, by Australian Squadron Leader Charles E. Kingsford-Smith
in 1928
• and the first Hawaii-to-Mainland solo flight in 1935 by Amelia Earhart, who flew from Wheeler Field to Oakland, California.

• December 7, 1941
When the Japanese attacked military installations in Hawaii on 7 December 1941, twelve pilots assigned to the 15th Pursuit Group at Wheeler (predecessor of the 15th Air Base Wing) succeeded in getting their P-36 and P-40 aircraft off the ground, engaged the enemy in furious dogfights, and scored some of the first American victories of World War ll (10 downed enemy aircraft).

Casualties at Wheeler totaled 33 killed and 75 wounded. Of the 233 aircraft assigned to the Hawaiian Air Force, 146 were in commission before the attack; afterward, only 83 were in commission (including 27 P-40s), and 76 had been totally destroyed.

During World War ll and until 1949, Wheeler was assigned to the Seventh Air Force (former Hawaiian Air Force) and successor commands.

• 1948
Wheeler Army Air Base was redesignated Wheeler Air Force Base. The following year, the installation was placed on minimum caretaker status; however, with expansion of the Air Force during the Korean conflict, Wheeler AFB was restored to fully operational status in 1952.

• February 24,1952
The 1508th Support Squadron was organized to provide administrative and logistical support to activities at Wheeler AFB.

• April 1, 1955
The unit was redesignated the 6487th Support Squadron

• November 1, 1971
Inactivated, concurrent with activation of the 15th Air Base Squadron. A subordinate unit of the 15th Air Base Wing, the 15 ABS served as the host organization at Wheeler AFB, which consisted of approximately 1,389 acres of land and facilities valued at over $37 million.

Responsibilities of the 15 ABS included providing munitions service and support to all Air Force activities within the Hawaiian area, in addition to operating a small arms firing range where personnel of the Air Force, US Customs, and local law enforcement agencies were

• August 1987
The Secretary of the Interior designated Wheeler AFB as a National Historic Landmark, recognizing it as a site of national significance in the history of the United States and, in particular, World War II in the Pacific.

• October 31, 1991
The 15th Air Base Squadron inactivated at Wheeler on 31 October 1991, one day before the US Army assumed operational control of the installation in accordance with a memorandum of understanding signed by the Commander in Chief, Pacific Air Forces, and the Commander, US Army Western Command.

• November 1, 1991
The Army held a simple ceremony to signify their takeover of the base, then changed the sign at the main gate to "Wheeler Army Airfield." The installation, however, remained on the real property records of the 15th Air Base Wing until 15 March 1993 when an Action Memorandum signed by the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Air Force (Environment, Safety and Occupational Health) and the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army (Installations and Housing) authorized the exchange of Wheeler AFB for Fort Kamehameha Military Reservation.

Photo:  Major Sheldon Harley Wheeler

Photo courtesy of the
15th Wing History Office

Biography of Major Sheldon Harley Wheeler

On November 11, 1922, the new airdrome at Schofield Barracks, Territory of Hawaii, was named Wheeler Field in honor of Major Sheldon H. Wheeler, who was killed in an aircraft accident on July 13, 1921 at Luke Field. Located on Ford Island in Pearl Harbor, Luke Field was commanded by Major Wheeler at the time of his death.

Born on April 6, 1889 in New York City, Sheldon Harley Wheeler received his early education in Vermont. After attending the University of Vermont for two years, he was appointed to the United States Military Academy at West Point, graduated on June 12, 1914, and was commissioned a second lieutenant.

Lieutenant Wheeler served one year with the 25th Infantry Division before starting his aviation career in the Aviation Section of the Signal Corps at Rockwell Field, California, where he was rated a junior military aviator on September 2, 1915. As a member of the 1st Aero Squadron, Lieutenant Wheeler served with distinction during the punitive expedition into Mexico under the command of General John J. Pershing. He received his promotion to first lieutenant on May 1, 1916, then transferred later that year to the cavalry. On June 8, 1917, he attained the rank of captain of cavalry and transferred back to the air service later that year. Assigned to Kelly Field, Texas, Captain Wheeler assumed command of the 8th Aero Squadron and served as the officer in charge of flying at Kelly Field. After a month there, he moved on to Scott Field, Illinois where he was again placed as officer in charge of flying. From September 1917 until the spring of 1918, he served in the same capacity at Love Field in Dallas, Texas, and at Carlstrom Field in Arcadia, Florida.

In March 1918, Captain Wheeler joined the American Expeditionary Force in France, where he was once again placed in charge of the flying field at Orly, just outside Paris. On August 1, 1918, he was promoted to major, Aviation Section, Signal Corps. Major Wheeler returned to the United States in April 1919, he was assigned to Hazlehurst Field, Long Island, New York and officially received his full rating as a military aviator. On October 25, 1919, Major Wheeler next assignment sent him to the distant territory of Hawaii, where he assumed command of Luke Field on November 4, 1919. His commission as a major in the Air Service was made permanent in the Regular Army on July 1, 1920.

On July 13, 1921, Major Wheeler and his observer, Sergeant Thomas Kelly, both died when the De Havilland DH-4 observation biplane he was flying suffered an engine failure shortly after take-off. As Wheeler attempted to bring the crippled plane in for an emergency landing the DH-4 stalled and fell into an uncontrollable flat spin that resulted in the aircraft crashing onto Luke Field where it exploded and burst into flames. Major Wheeler's assignment with the Hawaiian Department was scheduled to end on October 1, 1921, and he had received orders transferring him to the field officers' school at Langley Field, Virginia upon completion of his tour of duty in Hawaii.

Sheldon H. Wheeler, only 32 years old when he died, was survived by his wife and two sons. His widow, Mary Patrick Wester (Wheeler) Bell later died of a heart attack in Chicago, Illinois on January 21, 1939. One son, Patrick Wester Wheeler, graduated from West Point in January 1943, served with the 11th Airborne Division, and was killed in action during the battle for Manila, Luzon, Philippines on February 10, 1945. For his actions he was awarded two Silver Stars (one posthumously), Bronze Star, and Purple Heart. He is interred at the Manila American Cemetery and Memorial. His other son, Sheldon Harley Wheeler, Jr. received his commission in 1941 through the Reserve Officer Training Corps while attending Purdue University, eventually attaining the rank of colonel in the United States Army. In January 1968, while on R&R (Rest and Recuperation) leave from Vietnam, he and his wife Katherine visited his father’s namesake Wheeler AFB. Colonel Wheeler passed away at the age of 91 in the city of Northport, Michigan on May 10, 2011. His wife Katherine passed away at the age of 96 on March 14, 2016.

In 1976 and 1981 two of Major Wheeler’s grandchildren, Kathie Vestal and Gil Wheeler, followed in their parent’s footsteps, visiting and touring the base named in honor of their grandfather.

Historian’s Note: Source information for this biography is maintained at the 15th Wing History Office archives. Information compiled and edited by Mr. James Burrett, 15th Wing Historian, October 6, 2021.

Our Personnel

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School visitation policy: "Any person shall be encouraged to visit schools throughout the school year, but such visits should be made after prior consultation with the schools in order not to disrupt the planned activities of the schools and classrooms and any visit shall conform to the regulations, directives, and guidelines of the department." BOE Policy 1720-4)

In accordance with this policy, visitors to our school are more than welcome to visit our campus. Please stop by the administration office to sign in and pick up a visitor's pass. If you'd like a to visit a specific classroom, please notify the classroom teacher ahead of time to ensure minimal disruption of planned activities.

Photo:  Brenda Vierra-Chun

Ms. B.Vierra-Chun

Photo:  Scott Hamilton

Grade 8
Mr. S. Hamilton

Photo:  Teri Ann Waltz

Grade 7
Ms. T. Waltz

PhotoL  David Minehira

Grade 6

Jodi Chang-Registrar

Ms. J. Chang
(808) 305-9031

Morales, Teresa:  SASA

Ms. T. Morales
(808) 305-9003

Attendance Questions?
Please call

Ching, Marcy:  Acct. Clerk

Account ClerK
Ms. M. Ching
(808) 305-9030

Rivera, Tracy:  Cafe Manager

Cafe Manager
Ms. T. Rivera
Telephone: (808) 305-9010
FAX: (808) 621-8655

Chang, Jane:  Attendance

Attendance / Lunch System
Ms. J. Chang
(808) 305-9004

Lobitos_Marie photo

Health Aide
Ms. M. Lobitos

Oyama, Kaylene:  SCC Clerk

SSC Clerk
Ms. K. Oyama
(808) 305-9086

Tagudin_Michele photo

Transition Center
Ms. M. Tagudin

Chanhpeng, Tamra-Office

Office Clerk
Ms. T. Chanhpeng

Raymond, Janelle-IRC/Library

IRC / Library
Ms. J. Raymond

Souza, Barbie-IRC/Library

IRC / Library
Ms. B. Souza

Our school advisors help students develop their full potential as individuals.
This team of advisors and teaching staff, in partnership with parents, are committed to providing students with experiences that impart knowledge, attitude and skills in the personal, social educational, and career development of our youth.

Student Support Advisors

Chun-Branson photo

Mr. B. Chun
(808) 305-9051
Grade 7

Vierra-Leilani photo

Ms. L. Vierra
(808) 305-9053
Grade 6

Minehira-Daye photo

Ms. D. Minehira
(808) 305-9060
Grade 8

Photo of ASACS counselor

Adolescent Support And Counseling Services (ASACS)
Ms. D. Ronn
(808) 305-9020

Central District - Leilehua Complex Consultants

Goya, Lisa photo

Ms. L. Goya
District BCBA/LBA

Wong, Ashlyn photo

Ms. A. Wong
District Behavior Technician

Staff Photo

Ms. S. Hoey

Tripler Team

Barber, Shelley photo

Ms. S. Barber
(808) 305-9021

Days at Wheeler:
• Monday
• Wednesday
• every other Friday
Sato, Kevin photo

Mr. K. Saito
(808) 305-9022

Days at Wheeler:
• Monday
• Tuesday PM
• Wednesday
• Thursday AM or PM
• and every other Friday
Chui, Sara photo

Ms. S. Chiu
(808) 305-9013

Days at Wheeler:
• Wednesday
• Tuesday/Thursday PM as needed

every other Friday

SBBH / MFLAC / Speech
Click on name to send an eMail:

Kaiser, Joe photo

Mr. J. Kaiser
(808) 305-9050

Luckowicz, Teresa photo

Ms. T. Lukowicz
(808) 305-9050

Days at Wheeler:
• Monday (8:00 - 11:00)
• Wednesday (All day)
• Friday (11:00 - 3:00)
Staff Photo

Ms. M. Merfalen
Speech Pathologist
(808) 305-9096

Curriculum Coaches
(808) 305-9009

Jennifer Burnham photo

Ms. J. Burnham

Kawano_Lindsay Photo

Ms. L. Kawano-Parker

Cafeteria Staff

Photo:  Rivera, Tracy

Cafe Manager
Ms. T. Rivera
Telephone: 808-305-9010
FAX: (808) 621-8655

Photo:  Kayla Rivera

Cafe Helper
Ms. K. Rivera

Custodial Staff

Hirokane_Kevin photo

Mr. K. Hirokane
Head Custodian

De-Castro_Manny photo

Mr. M. De Castro

Photo Foster, Alvin

Mr. A. Foster

Tacata_Brian photo

Mr. B. Tacata


Photo:  Tauilo, Taumoe

Mt. T. Tauilo

Photo:  Tyrell, Ulysses

Mr. U. Tyrell

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If you need to eMail your son/daughter's teacher, please log in to your Infinite Campus account.

Butts_Hannah Photo

Ms. H. Butts
English/Social Studies
Grade 6

Ms. C. Chun
Grade 6

Photo:  Gigangte, Julia

Ms. J. Rao
English/Social Studies
Grade 6

Lavine_Andrew Photo

Mr. A. Lavine
Grade 6

Mahoney Brooke Photo

Ms. B. Mahoney
English/Social Studies
Grade 6

Lee, Michelle

Ms. M. Lee
Math / Science
Grade 6

aleman_tobar_andrea-2.min  Photo

Ms. A. Aleman-Tobar
English/Social Studies
Grade 6

Shiomitsu Katy Photo

Ms. S. Shiomitsu
Grade 6

Amelia Harris  Photo

Ms. A. Harris
English/Social Studies
Grade 6

Breanna Cooper Photo

Ms. B. Cooper
Grade 6

Ozawa-Todd photo

Mr. T. Ozawa
English / Social Studies
Grade 7

Photo:  Danielle Sewell

Ms. D. Sewell
Math / Science
Grade 7

Photo:  Taft, Melissa

Ms. M Taft
English / Social Studies
Grade 7

Downey_Clare Photo

Ms. M. Downey
Grade 7

Photo:  Layh, Reese

Mr. R. Layh
English / Social Studies
Grade 7

Ms. C. Batule
Grade 6

Photo:  Nuckols, Katherine

Ms. K. Nuckols
English / Social Studies
Grade 7

Watkins_Misty photo

Ms. M. Watkins
Math / Science
Grade 7

Photo:  Prunet, Ketan

Mr. K. Prunet
English / Social Studies
Grade 7

Photo:  Rodriguez, Haley

Ms. H. Rodriguez
Math / Science
Grade 7

Garnick_David Photo

Mr. D. Garnick
English / Social Studies
Grade 8

Katz, Olivia Photo

Ms. O. Katz
Math / Science
Grade 8

Photo:  Anderson, Alexis

Ms. A. Anderson
English / Social Studies
Grade 8

Wang-Y Photo

Ms. Y. Wang
Math / Science
Grade 8

Roesler_Ethan Photo

Mr. E. Roesler
English/Social Studies
Grade 8

Photo:  Frost, Lakesha

Ms. L. Frost
Grade 8

Photo:  Peruzzi, Paul

Mr. P. Peruzzi
English / Social Studies
Grade 8

Photo:  Lockman, April

Ms. A. Lockman
Math / Science
Grade 8

Photo:  Summers, Heidi

Ag Tech

Photo:  Wada-Goode, Jenny

Art - Design
Ms. J. Wada-Goode

Photo:  Ikehara, Brett

Mr. B. Ikehara
Dept. Chair

Photo:  Baker, Anatasia

Art - Fiber
Ms. A. Baker

Photo:  Austin, Jodie

Ms. J. Austin

Photo:  Kato, Sheilynn

Grade 6 & 8
Ms. K. Parrish

Photo:  Watanabe, Zachary

Industrial Arts
Mr. Z. Watanabe

Photo:  Kato, Sheilynn

Home Economics
Health (Grade 7)

Ms. S. Kato

Otaka-Randy photo

Mr. R. Otaka

Falzarano_William photo

Interactive Science
Mr. W. Falzarano

Photo:  Yap, Paul

Physical Ed.
Mr. P. Yap

Photo:  Morimoto, Kimberly

Leadership / SAC
Ms. K. Morimoto

Photo:  Lee, Cherylanne

Tech Support
Ms. C. Lee

Photo:  Chang, Jordan

Tech Support
Mr. J. Chang

Photo:  Brady, Anita

Ms. A. Brady

Photo:  Kahoano, Everett

Mr. E. Kahoano

Kawaguchi-Jill photo

Ms. J. Kawaguchi

Tyrell_Braiden photo

Mr. B. Tyrell

Fagan-Zachary photo

Mr. Z. Fagan
Grade 6

Chaicharn Pitcharana photo

Ms. C. Pitcharana
Grade 7 & 8

Special Programs
Alsbergas-Mark photo

Mr. M. Alsbergas
Grade 6, 7, 8

Goodrich_Michael photo

Mr. M. Goodrich
Grade 6, 7, 8

Aimee Arase photo

Ms. A. Arase

Sanborn_Sialasa photo

Ms. S. Sanborn

Learning Lab
Tadaki_Erin photo

Learning Lab-Coordinator
Ms. E. Tadaki

Felix-Rodriguez_Luz photo

Learning Lab Specialist
Ms. L. Felix-Rodriguez

Hebert_Sydney Photo

Learning Lab Specialist
Ms. S. Hebert

Jenkins_Kristina photo

Learning Lab Specialist
Ms. K. Jenkins

Kopakowski_Veronica photo

Learning Lab Specialist
Ms. V. Kopakowski

Lee_Joanne photo

Learning Lab Specialist
Ms. J. Lee

Maldonado_Margaret photo

Learning Lab Specialist
Ms. M. Maldonado

Oishi_Kyle photo

Learning Lab Specialist
Mr. K. Oishi

Perez_Esther photo

Learning Lab Specialist
Ms. E. Perez

Santiago_Kristy photo

Learning Lab Specialist
Ms. K. Santiago

Mural facing the main parking lot.

Frequently Asked Questions

Wheeler Middle School is located on 11 acres of State property within Wheeler Army Air Field in the midst of the Koolau and Waianae Mountains, on the island of Oahu, Hawaii.

2 Wheeler Army Air Field
Wahiawa, HI 96786

Office Hours
7:00 am - 4:00 pm
Monday - Friday
Closed on Federal & State Holidays

(808) 305-9000

(808) 622-6529

Report Absences
808) 305-9000

Health Room
(808) 305-9011

School Bus
(808) 622-0537

School visitation policy: "Any person shall be encouraged to visit schools throughout the school year, but such visits should be made after prior consultation with the schools in order not to disrupt the planned activities of the schools and classrooms and any visit shall conform to the regulations, directives, and guidelines of the department." BOE Policy 1720-4)

In accordance with this policy, visitors to our school are more than welcome to visit our campus. Please stop by the administration office to sign in and pick up a visitor's pass. If you'd like a to visit a specific classroom, please notify the classroom teacher ahead of time to ensure minimal disruption of planned activities.

MEMORANDUM FOR All Military Personnel, Family Members, and Department of Defense Civilian Employees within United States Army Installations in Hawaii (full memo)

SUBJECT: Policy Memorandum USAG-HI-12 Child Supervision Policy for Army Installations in Hawaii.
Parents are ultimately responsible for the welfare and actions of their children. Parents must use sound judgement and consider the physical, emotional, and psychological maturity of their children when determining the level of supervision their children require. Failure to exercise those parental responsibilities may constitute child neglect.

See full memo here

• It is highly encouraged that you make drop-off and pick-up arrangements with your child. The front of the school parking lot will be used for buses and will be a high-traffic area. Suggested alternate locations are the Community Center, across the street, or mailbox drop located next to the chapel.

• Continue to have conversations at home regarding the importance of proper mask-wearing and frequent hand washing.

• School begins at 7:40 am. Students should be in their assigned classes at this time or will be marked absent or tardy.

• The office will notify teachers of any students who arrive at school on a late bus and will update the attendance accordingly.

• Please clarify with your child that ONLY students riding a late bus will not be marked tardy. All other students arriving late will be marked tardy.

• Lastly, please stay home if you are sick.

Wheeler Middle School

2 Wheeler Army Air Field

Wahiawa, HI 96786

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